Macro Sea is pleased to present New Lab, a facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that fosters innovation in design, prototyping, and new manufacturing.

As developers of New Lab, Macro Sea is transforming 84,000 square feet of space into a high-tech design and prototyping center that will enhance the Yard’s initiative to become a national model for sustainable industrial parks. What was once a facility for building state-of-the-art ships will become a cutting edge center that incubates and encourages a renaissance of new manufacturing in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses in disciplines ranging from additive manufacturing, biotech, advanced robotics, architecture, and industrial design will work alongside one another in this unique space.

New Lab is situated in the heart of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, historically a center for the latest in manufacturing advances and now home to a community of emerging local businesses, artists' studios, and creative production facilities.

For more information on the Brooklyn Navy Yard visit http://www.brooklynnavyyard.org/


In some Macro Sea projects, the concept dictates the space, and in others, a unique space can call out the right concept.

When the Macro Sea team first visited Building 128 in 2011 and learned of the Brooklyn Navy Yard's ambitious program to develop the complex into a Green Manufacturing Center, the concept became immediately clear. 

Through close collaboration between the Navy Yard, the Macro Sea team, and our various contributors and partners, the mission of New Lab has been defined: 

  • To inspire new paradigms in high-tech green manufacturing;
  • To promote interaction between institutions, technical disciplines, designers and local communities;
  • To provide open access to state-of-the-art facilities for innovators, inventors, and other creative individuals to create meaningful products and technology;
  • To support the growth of new industries and foster job creation in the U.S.A.;
  • To create a public space that broadcasts the accomplishments of the New Lab community to a local, national, and international audience.


Project Team

David Belt

David Belt

Founder, Macro Sea and Managing Partner, New Lab

David Belt is a real estate developer and the Founder and Managing Principal of Macro Sea.  Over the past 20 years, David has developed a diverse range of projects that vary widely in size, scope, and location, and has become a leader in creative development and interim use projects.  In the past 10 years, Mr. Belt has executed over $1 Billion worth of private and institutional development projects in New York, Philadelphia, Princeton, Rome, Paris, Salamanca, and Dublin.

David regularly advises prominent non-profit and arts organizations regarding their real estate and facilities needs.

Macro Sea Firm Profile

Macro Sea Firm Profile

Macro Sea is a real estate development firm whose mission is to create unexpected value in underutilized places.  

Macro Sea specializes in ground-up construction and adaptive reuse of arts, education, retail and residential facilities. We are dedicated to building projects we find interesting and draw on a multidisciplinary approach to execute real estate projects that make money, look good, and have meaning.  Macro Sea's vision is to strategically grow our portfolio, which currently includes educational facilities, student housing, repurposed industrial spaces, cultural centers, and residential properties across the globe.  As part of our core mission, Macro Sea also conceptualizes and builds creative interim use projects that transform and energize our built  environment.


Rebecca Birmingham, Esq., Creative Director and General Counsel:  Rebecca oversees complex contracts and structural agreements for New Lab in addition to researching every aspect of the ideas from aesthetics to zoning.

Samara Daly, Project Advisor: Samara works on strategic partnerships for Macro Sea and New Lab.

Nicko Elliot, Design Director: Nicko brings to bear an emphasis on the social potential of landscape, materiality, and articulate detailing to ensure design quality in New Lab. 

Stephanie Hemshrot, Assistant Project Manager : Stephanie assists the New Lab team in the areas of design research, logistics, and media.

Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen

Co-Founder, New Lab

Scott Cohen is a co-founder and partner in New Lab with a long history of collaborating with David Belt and Macro Sea. Their partnerships have focused on blended value opportunities that have distinct economic, social, and environmental benefits. Cohen's work is centered on the interplay between disciplines. He's a versatile artist working in film, photography and design. He has a long history of using motion picture film to create photographic images which are inherently about movement and time. His recently completed narrative feature film, Red Knot, shot on a research vessel in the southern ocean en route to and in Antarctica, premiered at the Seattle Film Festival and won the FIPRESCI Grand Jury Award for Best New American Cinema.


Project Team

Project Team


Macro Sea and Marvel Architects




Marvel Architects, PLLC


BD Engineering


New Lab Staff

Benjamin Millstein, Manager of Additive Manufacturing 

Ben manages additive manufacturing services at New Lab producing 3D printed models on demand for our tenants, operating the EOS Formiga P110 printer along with a variety of FDM printers. Formerly a Shapeways 3D Printing Engineer, Ben has assisted in the creation of lean and six sigma manufacturing strategies along with a focus on in house maintenance of the machines.

Sheena Matheiken, Director of Digital Experience 

A multidisciplinary designer, creative director and filmmaker, Sheena has designed and developed digital products, platforms & experiences for global brands for over a decade. Sheena will be spearheading the development of New Lab's digital presence and service platforms.