Newlab applies technology to things that matter.

We are a team of best-in-class entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors that partner with leaders of industries, cities, and domain experts to power agile solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.

We apply transformative technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence, and material science, to help create solutions for pressing problems in public health, the environment, truth in media, our cities, and infrastructure.

We do this through our Membership and Studio programs.

AppliedXL Studio: COVID-19 Tracker

Newlab, The Boston Globe and the leading health publication STAT News have launched the COVID-19 Tracker. We are using data science, AI and multiple data sources to provide context around COVID-19 cases and the pandemic’s broader impact on both individuals and communities.

The Circular City Studio, a partnership between Newlab and the NYCEDC, extended an Open Call for entrepreneurs to apply their technology such as computer vision, sensor technology and data science to make New York more sustainable, equitable and resilient. Companies have applied from around the world; the selected companies will be announced in late April and will have an opportunity to pilot their products in partnership with New York City.

The Prospect Mining Studio, developed in partnership with Newlab and the Vimson Group, has completed phase one of our research and recruitment efforts. Key areas of focus have been determined with the stated goal of making mining safer and more sustainable. Entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators from around the world have participated in the initial stage, and teams working in robotics, sensor technology, biology and material science have joined our efforts.

With the coronavirus pandemic at hand, the collaboration and ingenuity of our incredible member companies is an inspiration and much-needed source of positivity. Many are pivoting to focus on solutions to the Coronavirus in real-time, inventing solutions and taking on critical challenges presented to them by city and state officials. Read more.

Bednark Studios, Duggal Greenhouse and Newlab come together to manufacture face shields for distribution to hospitals and first responders; expect to make 120,000 by next Tuesday. Read more in the NYTimes.