1. Tell us about the journey since HereNOW Help’s launch.

Like for most entrepreneurs, our journey since launch has been filled with the usual things that are expected. What has stood out to me the most, is the continued “fate” moments that I would like to highlight. Some may call it luck but I truly believe we are the creators of our own destiny. Some amazing people, clients, and connections have manifested into our lives and folded seamlessly with our mission at HereNow Help. Starting a company right before a pandemic only to find there was no PPP loan relief or funding for companies in our position was tough – but it only helped us work smarter, harder to achieve, and grow where so many faltered during these hard times.

We also have learned the art of the pivot. In 2019 HereNOW Help was founded with the mission to provide “Help when and where you need it”. The company’s objective was to create a suite of applications for tiered on-demand care (where we provide the professionals and peer support specialists). Quickly we realized organizations across the world already had their own professionals and clients; they just needed tools they could “white-label” to provide great virtual care. After pivoting, we saw that 96% of all telehealth companies only focus on virtual meetings, but our customers taught us that they need technology to do so much more. They needed applications to help support in/out-patient care, aftercare, engage loved ones and provide peer-support training and an easier barrier to entry for those interested in learning more about the programs before committing. The full care cycle. Through our journey of listening to our customers’ needs we have become the most holistic 5-in-1 telehealth company for rehab centers, veteran organizations, hospitals, and state & local governments.

2. How are you applying transformative technology to create a positive impact?

As the only 5-point solution on the market that is being used throughout the entire care process, we are able to drastically improve and track mental health outcomes like never before. From the first meeting to Discharge to aftercare, we capture 10x the data-points. Through machine learning and sophisticated algorithms that map biometric data like heart rate and speech features to mental health, we provide smart alerts that include red-flag behaviors for early intervention, risk-area notifications, adaptive surveys, treatment plans and so much more. Patients can invite loved ones to use the app to see their progress (patients choose who sees what), join community message boards, receive smart alerts and meditation therapy all while staying connected with their loved one’s and care provider. The future impact potential is even bigger as we are partnering with others on integrating leading edge technology that combines VR and sense of smell to address addiction or PTSD and speech analytics to verify accuracy of survey results for those in recovery.

3. What has been your biggest challenge as founder, and how have you learned from it?

The biggest challenge so far has been to bring technology into a space that for a hundred years has for so long resisted it. The approach to treatment, and who supports the treatment of people suffering from mental health and addiction, has stayed the same for decades. The challenge became even greater still as COVID showed how badly tomorrow’s technology was needed today. COVID also highlighted how just about everyone walking this earth needs mental health support at some time or another. The question has become – is your provider offering you the best tools and services you need to best support your mental health!?

4. What role has Newlab played in helping you advance HereNOW Help?

Ever since joining, it has been nothing short of a miraculous and eye-opening experience for my partners and me. Newlab’s incredible ecosystem paved the way for multiple connections with breakthrough ideas in bringing new tech into the market space such as VR and AI, as well as partnerships and deals within the community. They continue to support us in finding investors, grants, and strategic partners that can help us grow and succeed in a market that we all know could use more companies like us! If we cannot take care of ourselves – we cannot grow as a society and Newlab shares the same vision as we do for what the future holds for HereNOW Help…so stay tuned!

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