Newlab invests in exceptional opportunities within our ecosystem. We syndicate funding at the pre-seed, seed, and series A stages in companies applying transformative technologies including A.I., synthetic biology, and robotics.

Select Porfolio Companies

Sustainability / Planet
Solutions for safe and efficient cyanide monitoring for water safety, environmental control, and industrial process control.

Infrastructure / Resilience
Building smart indoor farms for the home that make it easy to grow produce where you live, work and eat.

Fero Labs
Infrastructure / Resilience
Empowering industrials with the modern process optimization tool powered by explainable machine learning.

Ghost Robotics
Infrastructure / Resilience
Develops unstoppable, agile and all-weather autonomous 4-leg robots, offering superior operability over wheeled and tracked devices on unstructured terrain in rough and demanding environments.

Infrastructure / Resilience
The world’s leading mobile mesh networking company and provider of off-grid connectivity solutions for smartphones and other devices.

Kingdom Supercultures
Materials / Environment
Designing novel microbial cultures that make it easy for food manufacturers to create exciting new foods.

Micro Electric
Infrastructure / Resilience
Providing mobility solutions for sustainable cities of the future through small electric vehicles.

Infrastructure / Resilience
Combining AI, robotics, super-resolution, and 3D imaging for tomorrow’s manufacturing and quality control processes.

Norbert Health
Health / Humanity
Smart sensing and data to help people more rapidly, easily, and accurately understand what’s going on in their bodies.

Health / Humanity
Innovative drug discovery using digital science to map out, fully understand, and finally cure brain aging, starting with Parkinson’s disease.

Cities / Equity
Building a more equitable housing model.

Health / Humanity
Tackling challenges in quantum chemistry, machine learning, and optimization.

Health / Humanity
Gathering stories and info directly from parents and, with smart technology, helping each other identify solutions, resources, and cures.

Space OS
Infrastructure / Resilience
A super-app that gives workspace members and employees instant access to the community and 24/7 on-demand access to programming, amenities, and services.

Strongarm Technologies
Infrastructure / Resilience
Sensors, assessment, and safety solutions for industrial workers.

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