Studios are a platform for corporations to address disruption in their business head on through experimentation and incentivization of emerging technologies.

From digitizing your supply chain, advancing manufacturing best practices, or innovating business processes, Studios are a way to accelerate and scale innovation and test/pilot new products. Studios are long-term engagements lasting anywhere from 6 to 24 months, though which New Lab curates a unique set of stakeholders, from entrepreneurs, to academics, to investors to facilitate product development that results in the generation of unique IP (either products or full ventures) in line with the client’s objectives.

Future of Retail Studio

The Future of Retail Studio explores applications for emerging technologies across the retail space. Development areas can include consumer data streams, connected products, IoT and wearables, last mile delivery, e-commerce solutions, blockchain for payment, blockchain for supply chain, customer personalization, retail automation, innovation in food and beverage packaging, experiential and interactive storefront development.

Supply Chain Studio

The Supply Chain Studio takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring hypotheses across the supply chain. Development areas can include predictive analytics, hardware and IoT development, blockchain for supply chain intelligence, robotics and process automation,last mile delivery, track and trace, warehouse automation, smart factory floors, predictive maintenance, rapid prototyping and computer vision.

AI Studio

The AI Studio at New Lab is an ambitious multi-stakeholder program to engage domain experts, engineers, entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and universities to develop and apply AI and machine learning-based solutions to an industry or business' most pressing problems. Focus areas can include: intelligent supply chains, industrial automation and robotics, warehouse automation, AI for transportation, AI for healthcare, AI for DevOps and new product launches, cognitive IoT and edge learning, and big data and consumer insights.

Life Sciences Studio

The Life Sciences Studio aims to take strides in the development of technologies specific to healthcare and life sciences including computer vision and AI empowered healthcare and medicine, wearable devices and IoT solutions and surgical/medical robotics.

Quantum Studio

The Quantum Studio at New Lab is an ambitious 5 year multi-stakeholder program to engage domain experts, engineers, entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and universities to build a robust quantum ecosystem in New York.

Blockchain Studio

The blockchain studio brings together application driven blockchain domain experts, engineers, entrepreneurs, and research groups with corporations, investors and universities developing the potential of this powerful technology. The studio is focused on real-world applications across supply chain, healthcare, consumer data, provenance and financial applications.

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