DOT Studio

Leveraging advanced technology for a safe and sustainable transportation future
A collaboration between the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and Newlab, the DOT Studio is focused on applying emerging technologies to advance planning, policy, operations, and real-time management of transportation across New York City in line with the City’s Vision Zero and sustainability goals.

The Studio is tackling two acute challenges in partnership with the NYC DOT. The first addresses safety by helping improve the NYC DOT’s pavement marking condition analysis and maintenance operations for the City’s 6,300 miles of streets and highways by identifying more automated, systemic, and data-driven approaches. The second relates to NYC’s sustainability and transportation electrification strategy by scaling solutions that enable efficient and affordable public electric vehicle (EV) charging options for New Yorkers.

Studio partner
Studio partner

The DOT Studio seeks strategic collaboration with transportation organizations, corporations, investors, and institutions interested in leveraging emerging technology to advance transportation planning, management, and operations. Inquire about collaboration.
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Focus Areas
Sustainability: EV Curbside Charging

Identifying solutions that enable discreet, efficient, and affordable public EV charging options for New Yorkers to help realize the City's goal of 1,000 L2 curbside chargers installed by 2025 and 10,000 L2 curbside chargers installed by 2030.

Safety: Pavement Marking Analysis

Identifying solutions that support more automated, systemic, and data-driven approaches to pavement marking condition analysis and maintenance to realize significant operational efficiencies, increase the equitable allocation of maintenance decisions, and improve safety and travel experience.


The New York City Department of Transportation’s (NYC DOT) mission is to provide for the safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods in the City of New York and to maintain and enhance the transportation infrastructure crucial to the economic vitality and quality of life of our primary customers, City residents.

Cohort 2022
London, U.K.

Builds and maintains electric vehicle charging solutions, including a smart-charge point that retrofits existing lamp posts and a satellite bollard smart-charge point for greater placement flexibility.

Connected Kerb
London, U.K.

Designs and implements future-proof and sustainable on-street residential charging technologies that combine power and data at the curb to deliver user-friendly and reliable charging and provide the foundation for connected cities and communities.

New York City, NY

Decarbonizes mobility and democratizes charging access by retrofitting lamp posts into smart electric vehicle charging stations managed by a mobile application.

Salt Lake City, UT

Provides real-time insights on the status and condition of road assets using publicly accessible dashcam data and machine learning to increase safety, sustainability, and efficiency on roadways.

Tartu, Estonia

Offers an AI-powered and automated 3D mapping platform for capturing and processing high-accuracy geodata for predictive road maintenance and road asset and traffic management.